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We have a wide range of essential oils and plants extracts. Upon the client request, arrangements could be made that essential oils from organically planted plants would be available.

Essential Oils P.No. Concretes P.No.
Basil Oil Linalool 0-1 Basil Concrete C-1
Basil Oil Methyl Chavicol 0-2 Bitter Orange Flower Concrete C-2
Blue Chamomile Oil 0-3 Carnation Flower Concrete C-3
Celery Herb Oil 0-4 Cassie Concrete C-4
Celery Seed Oil 0-5 Chamomile Concrete C-5
Coriander Herb Oil 0-6 Geranium Concrete Benzol C-6
Cumin Seed Oil 0-7 Geranium Concrete Hexane C-7
Garlic Oil 0-8 Jasmine Concrete Benzol C-8
Geranium Oil 0-9 Jasmine Concrete Hexane C-9
Leek Oil 0-10 PetitGrain Leaves Concrete C-10
Marjoram Oil 0-11 Rose Concrete C-11
Neroli Oil 0-12 Spinash Leaves Concrete C-12
Onion Oil 0-13 Tagette Flower Concrete C-13
Parsley Herb Oil 0-14 Tomato Leaves Concrete C-14
Parsley Seed Oil 0-15 Tuberose Concrete C-15
PetitGrain Mandarin Oil 0-16 Violet Leaves Concrete C-16
PetitGrain Oil 0-17 Sage Concrete C-17
PetitGrain Citronee Oil 0-18
Tagette Oil 0-19
Dill Oil O-20
Lavander Oil O-21
Sage Oil O-22
Absolutes P.No. Natural Isolates P.No.
Absolute Eau De Brut A-1 Rhodinol Ex. Geranium Oil I-1
Absolute Eau De Fleur A-2 Dimethyl Antheranylate I-2
Basil Absolute A-3 Ex. PetitGrain Mandarin I-3
Bitter Orange Flower Absolute A-4 Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol I-4
Carnation Flower Absolute A-5
Cassie Absolute A-6
Chamomile Absolute A-7
Geranium Absolute Benzol A-8
Geranium Absolute Hexane A-9
Jasmine Absolute Benzol A-10
Jasmine Absolute Hexane A-11
PetitGrain Leaves Absolute A-12
Rose Absolute A-13
Spinash Leaves Absolute A-14
Tagette Flower Absolute A-15
Tomato Leaves Absolute A-16
Tuberose Absolute A-17
Violet Leaves Absolute A-18
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